Management of the BIM process for construction and infrastructure projects

BIM process management for projects is a new and evolving industry. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not merely a matter of managing the model, i.e. assembling the model based on all areas of planning. The process starts much earlier – at the project initiation stage, and it requires preparation with a comprehensive view of all upcoming stages.

This is where We BIM enters the picture. Our goal is to establish the BIM process as soon as possible. The sooner the process begins, even as early as the first decisions of the entrepreneur, the higher the cost and time savings.

The type of project, its description, size, nature and location, all influence the planning and the management of its construction. We make sure all these aspects are represented in the BIM model.

To obtain the right and the most efficient model, the BIM management team will write a protocol of requirements at the earliest stage, ensuring that the planning begins with the entrepreneur’s defined objectives in mind.

The goal is not just three-dimensional; it’s to include as much information as possible about the structure / infrastructure that is being planned. The protocol stage will determine the level of information we need to receive and at which stage in the life of the project. Will information that will be stored in the model be used to maintain the structure / infrastructure? Such questions must be answered as soon as possible, then managed in the planning and implementation phases, and be based on the (right) deliverables.

We at We BIM have been educating the Israeli market for many years to work with the BIM methodology. We know how to help the entrepreneur characterize and establish the most efficient protocol for each type of project, and accompany the management of the model throughout the planning and execution phases.