Services Overview

We BIM is the only company that offers fully comprehensive BIM management services – from the very first phase of project implementation until delivery and beyond, including in the maintenance stage.

We provide a one-stop shop solution for entrepreneurs who aim to further streamline and shorten project implementation time, in both construction and infrastructure sectors.

We specialize in providing the right solutions for each project, based on its nature, size, purpose and end-goals. While these elements determine the correct BIM protocol for each project, this unique protocol is always based on the BIM methodology guidelines.

We offer across-the-board BIM solutions for construction and infrastructure sectors. Our professional staff has ample knowledge, many years of experience, and an in-depth familiarity with the local market and its needs.

We focus on project management via BIM tools and coordination via a variety of systems such as Revit, NavisWorks, 360BIM and more.

We specialize in providing expert services and training in various BIM products for design, architecture, construction, air conditioning, plumbing, electricity and more.

Our services include:

Management of BIM processes for construction and infrastructure projects

BIM process management for projects is a new and evolving industry. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not merely a matter of managing the model, i.e. assembling the model based on all areas of planning. The process starts much earlier – at the project initiation stage, and it requires preparation with a comprehensive view of all upcoming stages.

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Coordinating systems using the BIM model

Traditionally, system coordination is performed on layers of information that come from two-dimensional formats. The most important factor in this type of examination is the human element whose error margin has to be taken into account in each project. Because all possible errors in planning aren’t identified in these early stages, there arises the subsequent need to correct such errors during execution.

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Project management using the BIM model

A model that is built according to the right protocol will provide the project management team with important insights regarding the execution of the project on the site. The right model will be able to give the management team an exact position of the structure / infrastructure within the designated site, and enable planning for the construction of an exact site that matches the future to be built.

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Expert services:
  • BIM Tools Training (Revit and more) for all planning disciplines – Read more

  • BIM Management Training for project managers  – Read more

  • Process Implementation for all project participants – Read more

  • Characterization of client’s needs and the establishment a matching templet  – Read more

  • Consulting for characterization of client needs – Read more