Who We Are

We BIM offers its services to all stakeholders in the construction and infrastructure sectors, including entrepreneurs, developers, contractors and project managers.

The core of our service is the deployment of the BIM methodology which streamlines the planning and execution of projects. But we take it a step further – we believe that all segments in planning and execution, including the smallest components, can and should benefit from the use of the BIM methodology.

This is exactly where we enter the picture.

We introduce our methodology to organizations that already work with BIM, to help them further benefit from more streamlined processes and shorter project durations.

Our contribution helps:

Construction and infrastructure developers (private and institutional)


Construction and infrastructure contracting companies


Project management companies in construction and infrastructure sectors


Planning offices in all fields

Our Vision

We BIM works to develop and implement creative expert solutions for its clients, using the specialized human resources pool of the leading company in the Israeli BIM field.

We BIM is committed to:

  • Placing the client at the top of its priorities and providing them with high quality and above-standard service, while constantly developing tools and knowledge, and providing them to the staff.

  • Meeting timetables by assigning skilled and responsible professionals to the tasks.

  • Offering professional excellence and personal attention by placing one of the company’s senior managers at the head of every project.

  • Deepening knowledge in the field in which it operates, including research and cooperation with research bodies.

  • Developing and deepening ties with state bodies and social institutions, with special appreciation for reservists and their contributions to our society.

Our People

Arik Shiby

CEO and head of BIM

An architect by training, Shiby graduated from the SADNA College of Architecture and Urban Design in 1987, and received his B.A. in Architectural Design in 2000. He is an expert in BIM methodology and the founder of the BIM Israel Forum. He is highly experienced in assimilating technology to planning and execution bodies in the construction and infrastructure sectors, and has experience leading construction and infrastructure projects.

In his previous positions, such as Director of Construction Technologies and BIM at Omnitech, he was responsible for the consulting, characterization and implementation of the BIM model using AutoDesk and Revit, and for the planning and management of BIM-use in Israel. He was also responsible for the training and implementation of the BIM methodology in planning and project management offices.


Moty Vaknin

CTO and Chief Education Officer

Revit Professional by training, Vaknin is a Revit expert in the area of planning. He has been involved in the training and implementation processes in planning and project management offices since 2007. He is an expert in implementing the BIM methodology in planning offices in construction and infrastructure sectors.